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MAR is a five-star performance based on two true stories. One is a tale of tragedy, the other a tale of an epic rescue operation, under the harshest of circumstances. in MAR the audience is presented with real personal stories and actual recordings from radio communications during the rescue operation.

“If you ́re gonna see one show this year, see MAR”
G.S. - Jökull newspaper

“I don ́t think I ́ve ever been so moved by any performance before... Five stars, without hesitation!” 
M.H. – Skessuhorn newspaper

“Heart-cutting, sincere and strong ... Beautiful”
D.K. –

“The story of Iceland ... Ridiculously well executed ... Shocking ... I recommend it”
A.V. – DV newspaper

“Right from the beginning I was possessed by deadly shivers that didn't leave my body until hours after the show finished”
S.A. –

“The most amazing show that I have ever seen”
H.S. – Headmaster of the icelandic sea rescue school

Earlier Event: June 9
Later Event: June 13