21:07 is an exciting comedy situated around a presumed landing of aliens on Snæfellsjökull glacier on the 5th of November 1993.

The show is based on a true story of an extraordinary event in the history of Iceland. Most of the main characters in the play still live in close proximity of The Freezer.

They joyfully granted the actors permission to portray them in a “slightly” exaggerated way in the show. 21:07 happens in "real time" and goes through the last hour before, and the minutes after the estimated landing time of aliens, which was at 21:07.

The question remains: Did aliens land on the glacier or not?


"Another rose in the beautiful bouqet of this ambitious theatre" 
G.S. Skessuhorn Newspaper

"Fantastic show" 
S.B. DV Newspaper

"An excellent piece of theatre" 
G.Þ. Morgunblaðið Newspaper


Kári Viðarsson and Víkingur Kristjánsson: Writers, Directors and Actors

Andri Freyr Ríkharðsson: Cinematographer and video editor

Ragnar Ingi Hrafnkelsson: Sound designer

Sindri Þór Hannesson: Lighting designer

Kári Viðarsson: Set design, poster design, programme design and costumes