In the beginning of 2018, Kári Viðarsson, the creator of The Freezer, got a new idea; To give our neighbour town, Hellissandur, a artsy facelift. This is how the “Hellissandur: Street Art Capital Of Iceland” project was born. We collaborated with Artrvl, a great network for travelling artists and got 10 international artists from all over the world to come and help us get the show on the road. Long story short Hellissandur is now the Icelandic capital of street art with over 30 big murals placed in various locations all over the town. The project also reached our own house as the artists felt the need to also paint our walls. The Freezer is now the proud canvas of over 20 murals situated on almost every wall in our house, both inside and out. Do not miss having a walk around Hellissandur and our premises as you visit Snæfellsnes in West Iceland. It’s a really unique experience.